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Welcome Come on in sit awhile and have fun, learn, comment it's what it's all about. On this site it's always a work in progress we have My Book Never Say Goodbye, It's about a few 1790 pioneer families who leave Virginia and head west ending up in what is present Grant and  Boone Counties Kentucky. I follow these families for several generations, examining their triumphs, trials and tribulations. It's exciting makes you smile and generates a few tears, and our attempts to restore their resting place to its original splendor. The book is available on line free. I also have a hardcopy of the book available for $28.00 plus postage if you choose.  I have put online for everyone to read and research the family trees for our McClure linage (over 15000 names) McClure, Weis, Webb, and Wiebell, Prior to name a few I have the latest research from Joseph McClure one of the authors of the book Following the McClure Donegal to Botetourt which at last is going into a second printing for more information Contact Botetourt County Historical Society, Inc. P.O. Box 468 1 West Main Street Fincastle, Virginia 24090 There is a page of Tributes to some of my friends and relatives who are no longer with us. My Personal Gallery of some of my published and copy written photographs and my new project called “Old Times.” Pictures of where our fathers and their fathers and families lived learned grew up worked, worshiped and played. Old homes, schools, churches and towns that once echoed the sounds of life now sit vacant neglected and the grander of the homes which have been restored. Check out the Webb McClure Photo Pages if your a visitor or your family its memory time so kick back take a couple of trips with us into the past and most of all enjoy 10/12/12  We are working hard to get the new web site going after we were knocked off line by a Hacker
Coming Soon New Web Site